Wuestenberg Family

Join Us...

The schedule below has a list of our upcoming events. Among those events are informational meetings, for those interested in partnering with us. We will also be placing our "advocate" board or board of trustees meetings on our schedule. These board meetings are available to any current partners. Lastly, we love to celebrate with events and parties. Those will be listed as well.

Ministry Infromational Meeting

Join us for one of our informational meetings to hear more about our financial and ministry goals.
An RSVP is required. 

Ministry Board Meeting

Our ministry board are here to help us catch God's vision for the future of the ministry in Alaska. While decisions are limited to board members only, the meetings are open to anyone interested in attending.

Special Events

Occasionally, we will have special events. Whether celebrating the holidays or saying goodbye, if we're planning a get-together, the information will be listed here.

Thursday, January 9th @ 7pm-9pm

Ministry Informational Meeting

1292 Palms Rd Columbus, MI 48063